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Leadgen Landing Page: Ace Your Next Heart Checkup with the Most Complete Cardiovascular Supplement Ever!

When it comes to heart health, you try to eat well and get some physical activity. But are you seeing the results you hoped for? It’s true—you may be eating the world’s best organic diet, exercising 7 days a week, and STILL not giving your heart what it truly needs. So, what is the missing piece? To Fuel Your Heart, You Need Powerful Nutrients Plenty of research shows nutritional supplements can help improve heart health, at least in clinical laboratories. But when it comes to real-life results,

Advertorial: Recommended CoQ10 Dosage—Are You Getting Enough?

Years ago, I was one of the first cardiologists to recommend coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) to my patients. That was long before most people knew what it was, much less took it.

Now there have been thousands of research studies on CoQ10 and it’s the top nutrient I recommend to anyone concerned about their heart and overall health. In fact, if I were stranded on a desert island and could have one nutrient with me, CoQ10 would be my top choice. It’s that important for your heart, cellular energy, and overall good health.

PR: How Social Distancing Has Become the “Silent Pandemic”

We’ve been living in the wake of COVID-19 for nearly a year, and enduring a number of unfamiliar stressors that are causing anxieties to stay elevated. Whether you’re fearful of catching the virus; missing out on upcoming activities and milestones; or struggling with the economic toll the pandemic has had on us both individually and collectively, there are things you can proactively do to make life better.

One issue that concerns me greatly as both a cardiologist and trained psychotherapist is

Report Incentive for New-to-File Customer Acquisition: 8 Secrets for a Happier, Healthier Brain

In today’s world of medical specialties and subspecialties—more than 130 in all—it’s easy to think of the heart, brain, intestinal tract, liver, and other organs and systems as separate and independent entities.

As a cardiologist, my primary focus is the cardiovascular system. Yet, I have always maintained a keen interest in the brain for one simple reason—your heart and your brain are closely connected.

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